The RISE project meets Valencia students!

The students of the CIPFP school centre at Catarroja had the chance to attend a RISE project presentation. The RISE project coordinator and a partner from Florida Universitària visited the school centre in order to see its facilities and to meet the students that will participate in the project in person.

The students had the chance to see a detailed project presentation and to clarify any doubts about the project process and the student exchanges planned along the 2-year duration of RISE. The project coordinator explained to the students their role in the project and the contents which they will be trained in.

To the event attended Rafael Navarro (school director), Hugo Ruiz (head teacher), other teachers involved in the project, staff from other organisations and students aged 18-20 from the middle grade (carpentry and furniture) and superior grade (renewable energy) from vocational education.



In RISE four students from each partner country will be selected to travel to the trainings that will take place in Bremen (DE), Valencia (ES) and Kranj (SI). Two teachers from each institution will travel with them and will be also trained in the same contents. Afterwards, these students will have the responsibility to train their peers in the school after each student exchange.