1st Training in Bremen: Social Entrepreneurship!

First training is over, implementation starts!

The RISE project partners met in Bremen to attend the first RISE training in social entrepreneurship. One trainer, two teachers and four students from each partner country (Germany, Slovenia and Spain) participated in the training, a total of 21 attendants.

This training is the first of the three planned during the project. The participants met on the first day at the German partner school, the „Wilhelm Wagenfeld Schule“ in Bremen. Teachers and students had the time to visit the school and see the German education system by themselves, where they had the possibility to see their peers working in different workshops.


The training continued on the second they at the „Haus der Wissenschaft“ in Bremen, where the participants learned about innovative problem solving methods to issues affecting our society. For this, the human-centered design process (HCD) was applied in a learning-by-doing approach. The HCD process intends to understand the real needs of the end users we are designing a solution for, so that we create a product or a service that fits their needs.


They also learned the basics of social entrepreneurship and what social businesses are. Several examples of local and non-local social businesses where presented to the participants, where we also had the privilege of welcoming one of them to our training. Hachem Gharbi from „Aktion Hilfe für Kinder“ presented their Hoodtraining project to the participants, what served as a great inspiration for them.

Teachers, students and also part of the trainers learned together in mixed groups, where they learned exactly the same contents at the same time. As a result, teachers and students learned also from each other and from different perspectives, what did the training even more rich for everyone.


On the last day of the training, we also had another special guest as connection to ICT tools and entrepreneurial learning. Sebastian Budde and Jonas Fromme from VistoVR presented their startup to the participants. They are developing a learning platform based on Virtual Reality, what will allow people in the future to learn about different topics and subjects in the school using virtual reality glasses. The participants of the training had the possibility to test this technology first hand and had the possibility to give their feedback for future product development.

As a conclusion, the first RISE training in social entrepreneurship was a great success. At this point, the participants know better in which direction they are moving to and are also looking forward to meeting each other again in the next training in Spain at the end of November. The next training will be connected to this first one, where the participants will go deeper in the testing phase as well as in the implementation phase.

Keep tuned!