It is time to boost innovation, it is time to create Hubs…

The RISE project partners gathered in Valencia (Spain) to focus on the final phase of the project. To this point and as seen in previous posts, trainings in human-centered design, social entrepreneurship basics, validation, business modelling, pitching, and other related contents were created for vocational education students and teachers. Now, it is time to create innovation hubs in the partner vocational schools, where students and teachers will apply all these methods learned in order to solve problems and to create innovative solutions in their regions.


These innovation hubs will not just improve students’ and teachers’ entrepreneurial competencies, but also will encourage students to think in their near future at work. Finding their dream job as an intrapreneur, or being an entrepreneur by creating innovative startups on any sector including the social one.

The hubs will also boost innovation in the region as young adults from vocational education will be a great source of creativity and problem solving.


In this 3rd transnational project meeting, the project partners also discussed the development of a social entrepreneur badge, what will serve to recognize the competencies developed by students and teachers during the RISE project course.


Keep tuned!